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MAD040 The Legend of the Harem Competition by Chen Kexin. The film is set in a harem like a story, Kexin is a new maid recruited to King CL's palace. CL was so enamored with her beauty that she neglected the other maids. All day CL just wanted to put her face in the stream full of water and suck and lick Kexin's big round white breasts without worrying about the world. The queen hated Kexin very much because of this. Today the king continued to wander into Kexin's room, but he disguised himself as a eunuch to avoid being discovered by the queen. Let's see how the goat king and Kexin fucked each other.

[China AV] It's very nice of you to do that, Chen Kexin
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 Actor: Chen Kexin